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Upcoming Events
12:00 pm: 4 - 6 YEARS OLD
11 am: book reading w/ Melissa Miles
10:00 am: CRAWLING - 3 YEARS
11:00 - CRAWLING - 2 YEARS
10:00: 3 & 4 YEARS OLD
12:00 pm - 4 - 6 YEARS OLD
12:00: 5 & 6 YEARS OLD
11:00: 3 & 4 YEARS OLD
12 pm: 5 & 6 YEARS OLD
11 am: 3 & 4 YEARS OLD
10 am: Crawling - 2 YEARS OLD
9 am: Crawling - 2 YEARS OLD
12pm: Crawling - 3 YEARS OLD
11:00: 3 - 5 YEARS OLD
Additional Class- AGES TBD
11:00: 3 - 5 YEARS OLD
12:00 pm: CRAWLING - 3 YEARS OLD
11:00 am: 3 - 5 YEARS OLD
10:00 am: CRAWLING - 3 YEARS OLD
10:00 AM: 3 - 5 YEARS OLD
12:00 pm: Crawling - 3 years old
11:00 am: 3 - 5 years old
10:00 am: Crawling - 3 years old

On April 27th, Tumble Tykes will host their third playdate of the season! We will meet at Southland Therapy for our Easter Themed Tumble Playdate! 

Each playdate is 45 minutes long and will involve holiday themed songs, dances, games and beginner tumbling skills. No previous skill required.

Playdates: $15.00 per child.  (one ticket per child/ adult pair)

parent participation class

Playdate Policy Information:

Registration Fee:  A one time registration fee is due prior to the playdate.

Payment options: 1) Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) 2) Cash or check payments are accepted when paying in person in advance.  Session payment is due at registration time prior to the session. Contact Southland Therapy or Coach Laura for cash/ check payment.  *Any denied cards or returned checks will be charged an additional $25.00 fee.  Tuition refunds will not be given unless with medical documentation. 

Missed classes: We do not give refunds for missed classes; your class fee secures a spot, regardless of attendance. 

Attire requirements:  Play clothes of shorts and t-shirts are appropriate for tumbling.  Socks are recommended.   Shoes will be removed upon arrival for the safety of all of the children.

Late Policy: For health and safety reasons, your child will not be admitted to class if he or she is more than 15 minutes late.

Sickness Policy: Do not bring sick children to the gym! Any child showing signs of sickness will be asked to leave the facility- No Exceptions! Please schedule a makeup playdate for illness. 

Behavior: Respectful and safe behavior is expected at all times. Unacceptable behavior such as; disrespect for others, pushing, hitting, line cutting, and bad language will not be permitted. Students/ caregivers who are continually disruptive will be asked to find other instruction.  

Safety: Instructors shall go over gym safety during instruction.  Due to the size of the gym room, the class is limited to 5-6 participants per class.  Some classes require 1 adult to accompany the participant.

Lost and Found: All items that are found in the gym will be placed in our lost and found bin and held for 2 weeks after this period the items are donated to Good Will.  TumbleTykes is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Siblings: Please remember for liability reasons, siblings are not allowed in the gym.  Please keep all non-participating siblings with a parent or guardian at all times in the lobby area.  It is important to us that you and your child have a safe, fun and rewarding experience at our facility.